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The WDL-Group

Theodor Wüllenkemper

The WDL group was founded by Theodor Wüllenkemper in 1955. The company's headquarters were and still are at Essen/Mülheim airport, which is also home of the airship company WDL Luftschiff, while WDL Aviation operates passenger flights from Cologne/Bonn airport. The group's administration is organized within WDL Flugdienst.



Bae 146

WDL Aviation was founded in 1974 and is based at Cologne/Bonn airport. The company's managing director is Albrecht Barth. The Aviation fleet currently includes British Aerospace (BAe) 146 Regional Jets, which are in the air all over the world for renowned companies.




Since 1972, WDL Luftschiff - the WDL airship division - has been taking advertising to previously unknown altitudes from Essen/Mülheim airport. Barbara Majerus heads this WDL subsidiary, which nowadays uses four non-rigid airships - so-called blimps - that carry advertising to dizzy heights (and are also used for filming) around the globe.